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Mi 2CV y yo (Nino)
About Us “Madrid in Dos Caballos”

The idea of this project was born shortly after one of my dreams came true: be the owner of a Citroën 2 CV. Perhaps this dream started when I was so lucky of driving my sister’s red Citroën 2 CV, which she left here when she crossed the Atlantic to travel America around. I keep many and very fond memories of that time and that car.

Almost two years ago, one of my brothers told me that a green Citroën 2 CV, in very good condition, was on sale. I went to see it and thought: "Here it is, this is my car". At first, the only reason was to fulfill a dream, but without realizing and as suddenly I got the idea of the project. I was coming back to Madrid after living a year in a magical and wonderful place in the north of Cáceres, known as the "Sierra de Gata", where besides I had met really wonderful people who helped me reconnect with my heart and my smile, after having suffered a great loss short time before… It was a New Beginning

The purpose of “Madrid en Dos Caballos” is born from that idea and that moment. The spirit is to develop a job in a different way on board “a car from the old days” such the legendary Citroën 2 CV, and provide moments of happiness, joy and fun to all kinds of people: kids, teenagers, adults, older people; no matter the age, gender, sexual orientation, political ideas, religious beliefs…

What we offer is perfect for those who are going through a delicate or sad moment, or for those who just want to laugh celebrating some event or just the life itself; but also for those that want to promote projects and ideas in this original way. To everyone, we offer to meet and enjoy together the most famous and charismatic landmarks and monuments of Madrid, feeling the life that bursts in the streets both day and night, its people and its culture.

Me puse manos a la obra y le pedí a una de mis más queridas amigas, que me conoce muy bien, que hiciera gala de sus estupendas dotes creativas y creara un logotipo, una imagen atractiva que representara esa idea. En poco menos de dos días y para mi entera satisfacción, pues reflejaba exactamente lo que deseaba transmitir, lo que había sido una idea se convirtió en imagen de marcaa green olive 2CV full of cheerful people discovering the city on tourLater on, another new and dear friend joined the team too, and thanks to her computer skills and the commitment of the three of us, we created the first web project "Madrid en Dos Caballos".

From that moment, some other good friends, family, collaborators and fellows from "Madrid tours" provided suggestions and ideas. Finally, among all and with the collaboration of a great professional, we have made this new website, which makes the project to be renewed, while maintaining the same basis and principles it was born with: trust, flexibility, commitment and responsibility at work; of course, all spiced with love, joy and a huge love for those who wish to join us.

Thanks to everyone



E-mail: info@madridendoscaballos.com

Phone: 662.55.00.60

Address: C / Camino Viejo de Leganés, No. 141, 2-E | 28025 Madrid


See you soon!